Friday, August 24, 2012

Coolest Gadget Ever - The Helmet Helper!

Sometimes you get your giggles in the strangest places, you know?

If you've been following AWIP for a while, you may have seen this post where I consideredintimidating the younger competitors in the jumper ranks by wearing a spiked helmet like this:

Scary spiked helmet designed to intimidate pre-fetal jumper types.

This little beauty came across my desktop today and I was instantly in love with the concept. 

I mean, think about how many ways you could use the "Gooseneck" alone! No more transferring the reins to one hand and then reaching back with the crop.  Nope!  One quick twist of the neck and you're all set.

Can you envision jumping a course with this thing?  That oxer look a bit high to you?  Just use the old "Gooseneck" to pluck that nasty top rail off and over you go!

Barn chores would be done in a jiffy.  Imagine - you could clean stalls while filling water buckets.  Eat lunch and clean tack at the same time -- just put a slice of pizza in the "Gooseneck" and hang your bridle from the "Spike."

I am sooooo getting myself one of these babies!

(With thanks to Lexicon Technologies, IT maintenance solutions providers and makers of the Helmet Helper.)

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