Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Daze...

Why in the heck am I up so early?  Even worse, why am I up this early when I went to bed late and couldn't sleep?

I'm up this morning because there's a horse show.  Funny thing is, I'm not in this horse show.  I'm not up because I can't sleep because I'm worried I won't wake up and will miss my ride.  (Standard operating procedure around here the night before a show.)

Nope, I'm up early because it's the Olympics, and I don't want to miss Tina Konyot's ride.  Tina goes down center line at 11:00AM GMT, which is pretty much o' dark hundred EST.  Actually, it's 6:00AM EST, but o' dark hundred sounds better. Anyways... I'm up, and have been up, well, because I'm a type A and wound tighter than a clock.

Since I'm up early and have time on my hands, I made this.  I saw something similar on Facebook (what, don't you get all your news, culture, and information on Facebook?) and modified it for all of us equestrian addicts.  Feel free to share away!

Yours in caffeine,


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