Friday, January 11, 2013

And In Today's Holy Crap! Moment...

What the heck is it with horses lately?  In the last several months I've seen several reports of loose horses eluding their humans and taking off down roads or train tracks.  What do you think? Maybe once they get the taste of the big, wide world, they just don't wanna stay down on the farm?  Looking for bigger and better opportunities elsewhere?

This was a video by jockey Abel Castellano, (not Bullet Catcher's jockey) posted today from Laurel, MD, of a horse running South on Route 1 away from Laurel Park racetrack.  Bullet Catcher, a 4 year- old Strong Hope son based out of the Jerry Robb stable, apparently decided to dump his rider and see if the grass really was greener somewhere else.  He left the track and headed South down Route 1 on a 1.6 mile jaunt that covered parts of  Anne Arundel, Howard, and Prince George's counties.

Bullet Catcher was caught and returned to his barn with only a few minor scrapes and abrasions, although his trainer cautions they won't know the full extent of any injuries for a few days.  The colt has
a 1-1-1 record in six starts, with earnings totally just under $30,000. He hasn't recorded a win since May of 2011. 

Perhaps this was his way of telling his people he needed a chance of venue?


  1. Those crazy TBs! They can be so single-minded at run run run!!! I'm glad he made it through his adventure okay and no one was hurt during his race towards the greener grass.

  2. I hear illegal Thoroughbred street racing is really catching on.

  3. My idiot TB was one of those horses. She gets panicked and resorts to hundreds of years of breeding to RUN.