Friday, January 18, 2013

What Horse Crazy Girls Do When They're Sick...

Sophie and I were both home sick today.  She was recovering from the flu, I was dealing with some scourge-like plague that resulted in a hacking cough, streaming nose, and other highly attractive symptoms. 
Most of our day was spent on the couch alternating between the Andrew Davies' BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth = sigh), the film version of Pride & Prejudice, and FEI World Cup Show Jumping DVDs.

Later in the day we felt a bit better, so we rolled off the couches and onto the floor to start playing Breyer horses.

En route to the horse show
First jumper class of the day
Theodore O'Connor jumps a grid in the warm-up ring
Mon Gamin blazes to victory in the speed class

What?  That's not what you do when you're sick?


  1. That is eerily like what I do when I'm sick. I never had the breyer trailer, but my sister and I made our own tack and our arabians when to the national championships of show jumping. And won. ;) It was good times.

  2. Haha That's awesome! But I hope you both feel better (we've got the flu around here, too; not fun :/ )

  3. Dear SammyJo & SprinklerBandit: Sounds like we need to get together and have a Breyer Weekend at my place! When we are all healthy, of course!

  4. Awesome. I wish my mom had been willing to play with breyers with me when I was younger and sick! Hope you feel better. I have something similar to what you have going on and it is the worst!

  5. My girls used to collect those. Hiliary still has a bunch of them, packed away. She talks about selling them, but I tell her no how, no way. Not with a daughter of your own now. Equestrian Grandpa forbids this.

    1. Stay the course, Bob! Hang on to those Breyers! Hours of fun/babysitting, much like Thomas the Tank Engine is (he worked well for both my kids - serious $$ investment but also well worth it!) If you don't already have Breyer barns built for your Breyer herd, you may want to get on that, Grandpa!