Monday, January 7, 2013

Lessons from the Master: The GM Training Sessions

Hi folks.  I hope this finds you well and enjoying your time with your two legged and four legged friends.  This past weekend was lovely for me in that respect, as Noah and I had a lovely trail ride together on Saturday and then a nice hack on Sunday, as well as some quality time with the ponies, watching them play out in the snow in their paddock.

The weekend was also a bonus as I had some extra time to watch the George H. Morris Horsemanship Training Sessions.  What can I say, other than I'm an addict.  Honestly, I know the man has reputation for brusqueness, but I can't find it in me to get upset about it.  He's a stickler for safety and attention to detail, and quite frankly,  it seems (to me at least) that he only blasts people who are not giving 100% effort.  I mean, I watched the sessions 2 years ago when he let loose with a few rather pointed non-PC zingers, and quite frankly, I was feeling the same frustration with the same people.  That being said, I think I'd be way too lily livered to ever ride with the man! LOL

I did some write-ups on a couple of the sessions for Horse Junkies United.  I'm sorry to make you do the extra work, but if you are interested in reading them, here you go:

Breakfast With George Morris!

Breakfast With George: Day Two " This Country is the King of Sloppy!"

One of my blogging buddies, Supreme Eq Princess and fellow Sister of the Riding Socks, Sarah Baldridge Omaits posted this review of the Day Four No-Stirrup torture session:

Stirrupless in Florida for the George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session – Day 4

I hope you enjoy!  I'll let you know if/when I get a chance to post a review of Day Five.

As always, thanks for reading!