Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Wanna Go To Sleep Away Camp!

I am a wonderful and considerate wife. 

No, seriously, I am.

My husband finds buying birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gifts for me to be stressful. I'm not sure why this is so.  Give me a gift certificate to a tack store and I'm happy as a pig in poop. End of story.  Nevertheless, he stresses. So, in an attempt to relieve him of his burden, I have found myself the perfect present that will cover his obligations for all of 2013's gift giving occasions.  Maybe some of 2014's as well.

I wanna go to Denny Emerson's Adult Camp!  I saw the video on Facebook today, and I am 100% on-board. Five days with like-minded people, riding and learning from the an Olympic Gold Medallist and International eventer?  Screw the islands. I'm heading to Vermont!

I never got to go to camp as a child, and always wanted to.  Hmmm, now that I think of it, not only will this cover the hubby's gift giving obligations but he'll save a ton of money in therapy bills now that I won't have to to go to heal the wound my poor camp-less inner child has suffered.

Not the kind of camp experience I am looking for.

"But hun, sleep away camp builds social capital!  I'll build a lifelong network of friends and colleagues who may then help me to obtain job interviews or develop a career path." I tell him.

"You're 43.  Your life is half over. So is your career.  If you don't have a network by now, you're in deep trouble," says my other half.

Not the answer I want, but I will regroup and try again. Rome wasn't built in a day.  I'm already mentally going over my list of things to pack for Sug.

Meanwhile, anyone interested in a road trip?  I'll share gas and bring the fixin's for smores!


  1. Putting it on the itinerary for 2014!

  2. I was thinking I want to go too!

  3. I got Denny's book, and he mentions the camp and I have been penny pinching since. Of course, then Ro needs a new something or other and suddenly I'm broke again....

  4. Ok, so it says he takes "eventers of all levels" at these things - does that include "never-jumped-a-x-country-fence-in-her-life" level? :-) I'd LIKE to, I really would, so if they allow folks who can ride and could handle trotting or maybe *gasp* cantering some 2' logs, banks and such, well, sign me up. This is after I hit the lottery so I can pay for it, of course... I hope you get to go!

    P.S. I DID go to sleep-away riding camp when I was a kid and if it makes you feel any better, it was an unmitigated disaster:

  5. Oh, wait - I definitely can't go. Looks like you have to bring your own horse and I'm a little lacking in that area!