Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Horse Jones...

OK, so I'm on vacation with the family.  This is a good thing.  I mean, I know I'm incredibly lucky to be able to afford to go on vacation with my family, incredibly lucky to be able to take them someplace fun and have this time with them.  Really, I DO get that.

So is it alright for me to say I really miss my horse?  Not just the riding time, but all the grooming, massaging, just hanging out with her time.

The kids miss the horses, too.  My friend just brought her daughter's pony down a week ago, and my daughter, although thrilled with all the fun here in Florida, is wishing she could be riding her.  My son had a wonderful lesson on my mare just before we left; we've been doing a lot of longe lessons and our trainer was very pleased with his improvement.  He's now worried that he's going to backslide.

My husband made a joke that next time we should just find a vacation that would allow us to bring the horses with us.  Judging by the way he started back-peddling immediately, I guess we looked too excited by that prospect.  A quick trip to Google and I was amazed to find that you can actually do that - there are loads of sites that offer BYOH (Bring Your Own Horse) options. 

Since the horses can't be with us, we have to get our pony fix where we can.  My daughter and I spent a lot of time on the carousel at Disney.  Granted, we got a few funny looks when we posted or chided each other to get our heels down, but so what, we were having fun!

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  1. oh how i wish we could bring the entire farm with us when we go away...all the dogs cats and my two horses are always sorely missed! i always threaten my hubby that i am going to rent a van and bring the four dogs and nine cats with us and rent a house...of cours that will never happen but it is fun thinking about all of the furry babies with us! :)