Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Need of a Little Inspiration?

Robert Dover with Sharing Village members at their
2009 Human Spirit Award Luncheon

Have you ever come across someone or something that made you want to be a better person?  Something that inspired you, even if only for a minute, to raise your personal bar even higher?

If you're in need of a little inspiration, want to do something good for someone else, or if you just feel like you want to listen to an amazing story, you might want to tune in to dressage superstar Robert Dover's radio show on Dover's World tonight, April 12th, from 6-8PM EST.

Dover will be interviewing the founder and members of Sharing Village - Driving for Surviving, an amazing organization that pairs children with life threatening illnesses with driving ponies, and teaches them horsemanship and driving skills.  Anyone involved with horses knows how a bond with a horse can get you through some trying times.  These kids are facing some of the most devastating challenges life can throw at someone, and the bond they form with these ponies, as well as the confidence they gain from taking care of them and learning new skill sets as drivers, is what helps them deal with the ongoing challenges of their illnesses.

One of the most touching aspects of this story is how these kids, who have so much on their plates already and could harldy be blamed if they focused only on their own issues, take the help they are given from volunteers and in turn help their peers, not only in the arena, but with the day to day challenges of surviving a debilitating illness. 

Sharing Village Survivor Gary Johnson drives Sammy,
as Olympic Gold Medalist McLain Ward enjoys the ride

As horse people, many of us consider decorated equestrians such as Robert Dover, McLain Ward, Georgina Bloomberg, Nona Garson, Anne Kursinski, Hillary Dobbs, Robin Fairclough and Sharon Chesson our heroes.  These top equine professionals, all members of the Sharing Village - Driving for Surviving honorary board, consider these children their heroes.

You can learn more about this inspirational program by tuning in between 6-8PM EST, tonight, April 12, 2011.  If you'd like the opportunity to support these children and their efforts, call in to 561-844-6167 or toll-free  to 1-800-889-0267 to support Sharing Village - Driving for Surviving.  As an additional incentive, for every $20 donation, Robert will personally match it!


  1. I almost feel that you posted this for me. I have had too many negative experiences with humanity lately, but this reminds me that the positive outweighs it all. Thank you.
    And I will be looking into this group to see if we can't do something locally.

  2. Thank you for posting this and if I may, I'd like to share on my blog. This is a wonderful program and gives such freedom from the all consuming issues of illness. Bonding with horses, learning how to drive and the camaraderie of others give much needed purpose and freedom.