Friday, April 29, 2011

Official World Cup Song?

I don't the the FEI World Cup of Show Jumping has an official song, per se.  Unless, of course, you saw any of the Vegas iterations, in which case you'd swear the official song was Jump by Van Halen.  Can't tell you how after 4 days that song has been ruined for me for all time.  Kinda like any J Lo or Brittany song.  Overplay = Overkill.  'Nuff said.  But I digress...

Blogger Carly Sparks on her blog (check it out) in her post World Cup Fever *Updated* feels that House of Pain's anthem Jump Around should be nominated.  I gotta say, I'm in!  Catchy lyrics, good use of the verb jump in the imperative, and it's not that tired old Van Halen song.

Give it a listen.  What do you think?

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