Thursday, July 26, 2012

In the "Holy Crap!" Category: A Jumping Simulator?!?

Yep, I need me one of these!
Today's "Holy Crap!" Category entry comes with many thanks to AWIP commenter fiberchick for bringing this amazing technology to my attention.  She's right, this would be a waaaaaayyy better purchase than that Korean rider/exerciser (seriously, what does one call that thing?) from yesterday's post.

This is the Jumping Simulator from Racewood Equestrian Simulators, a company that began in 1990 when its founder Bill Greenwood developed an Equiciser (now we have a name for it!!) to help a leading jockey stay fit as he rehabbed from an injury.  The company has since developed and patented fully interactive simulators for dressage, polo, jumping, and disabled riding groups.

Racewood's Jumping Simulator can walk, trot, canter, gallop and jump. You can also use the programmable options to tell the simulator to refuse a jump and/or fall. I guess this is a nice option if you happen to be an adrenaline junkie or of a masochistic bent, but really?1?  I'd be using this thing to get my jumping mojo back, not to create additional opportunities for equine-derived injuries, simulated or otherwise.  I guess it would be helpful in terms of practicing safe bail-outs and whatnot, but really, I could down a couple of Bud Lites and find the nearest mechanical bull for that.

The Simulator can be set for Cross Country or Show Jumping, and gathers information from pressure sensors on the reins, stirrups, neck, saddle and legs and displays the feedback for the rider, alerting him to changes in balance or pace.

How cool is this thing???  I'm thinking I just found the perfect Christmas present!!!


  1. I wonder what the price is for one of these!

  2. Someone find out how much one of these puppies run because I want it in my living room!

    I've ridden the racing one at the Racing Museum in Saratoga and it was not only lots of fun but a good workout.

  3. I've emailed the owner to find out how much... I found and love your blog because I used to ride pretty seriously and have been feeling the urge in my 40's to start again. This simulator would be a great way to re-find my chops without incurring injury with the added bonus of no vet, farrier or boarding bills- would just need an adequate ceiling height!Thanks for making me laugh heartily and routinely...

    1. This "Frankenpony" would of course be no replacement for your divine Sug!

    2. LOL! Nothing could replace The Divine Miss Sug! However, Frankenpony would be a good supplement -- would get me in better shape and refine my responses so I could be a better partner for Madame Mare. I think she'd approve of that.

      And thank you so much for the very kind comments. Glad to have been able to have given you a few giggles. :) Love your quilts, BTW! Holy cow, are you talented!

  4. That. Is. AWESOME! I've ridden a couple of simulators hooked to racing video games, but certainly not one that actually jumps. Way cool! Also, probably way expensive, unfortunately.

    The racing one was a very good workout. I was pooped after my race at the Kentucky Derby Museum, although I'm proud to say I did win. :-)

  5. That would be amazing. Would love to dry run before hitting it with Pippi. Is there a setting that makes the horse turn around and give you the evil eye when you screw up, like Pippi does? LOL or a swift nuzzle of the boot for when you did good, like Pippi does?