Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not Your Normal Day at the Barn...

The day started out like most of our summer Saturdays: Get up at the crack of crazy and harass the kids through breakfast so we can get out the door to whatever rugby tournament we're scheduled to be at.

Had to pack riding clothes so we could hit the barn afterwards.  It's funny -- the kids play in anywhere from four to six games and yet I'm the one that's exhausted.  Go figure.

So by the time we got to the barn I was toast.  Just not feeling the mojo, ya know?  Then Sophie came up and told me she'd forgotten her paddock boots and half chaps. 

My mind blanked.  My jaw may have dropped open. I could almost see the myriad different responses that were crashing through my head.  Thankfully I was able to (in the words of the immortal Archie Bunker) stifle myself.  We decided that we'd forgo a "real" ride, and just hop on the girls bareback and in our shorts, have some fun, and leave the serious stuff for tomorrow.

Sug and Cookie were totally on board with the idea.  We walked and trotted around the grassy area between the indoor and outdoor rings and around the barn.  Then we went into the outdoor ring and cantered around a bit.  The girls clearly enjoyed the different form of exercise, and both tossed their heads and attempted a few baby bucks. 

It certainly wasn't our normal routine, and we certainly weren't attired in regulation equestrian garb, but ya know what?  Sometimes you just gotta get out of the rut!

Somehow I don't thing George Morris would approve of this!


  1. Ahh :) looks like a happy little ponpon

  2. Actually, he would be crazy not to approve... Developing balance, independent seat and hands... Well, if you get ostracized, Jimmy Wofford, Bruce Davidson and Denny Emerson have your back! You go girls!