Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Fever!!

Are you feeling it????  Finding yourself getting up at the crack of crazy to watch the live feed of the Eventing competition?  I have been.  Thank heavens I work from home, because this is what my office looks like right now:

Yup, the iPad is live streaming from London while I am chipping away responding to my morning emails and making phone calls.  Just to the right of the iPad you can see the Dressage IS #1 foam finger I got while covering the US Dressage selection trials a few weeks ago.

Olympic fever is alive and well here at Casa Crazy. Horsies in the morning, swimming (my husband and I swam in college) and gymnastics in the evening.  We have a fun drinking game we play while watching gymnastics.  You drink once when they mention Marta Karolyi, and three times when they mention Bela Karolyi.  You drink twice whenever the announcers say Elfi Schlegel or any form of her name.  We also assign drinking values to certain moves, depending on the actual event (vault, pommel horse, uneven bars, etc.)

Seriously, the Olympics makes for good times around my house.  Good thing they only happen every four years.  Go Team USA!!!


  1. Yup I was up at 5am this morning to watch show jumping, I didn't quite make the beginning which started at 4:30am here in the central time zone!

  2. I want to come hang you with you guys! My husbands been away for the last few days (which I guess has been good since he is constantly on music sites and I am on horse sites with one computer). But am lookng forward to having someone to watch with and I think we may have to copy some of those games! Living in the NW the timimg for live stream is ridiculous for me but I did get up at 4 yesterday for the cross country. So excited to see our show jumping team !!!

    1. Dear cfa -- if you're ever in Jersey, look us up! Glad to see both of you have things you're passionate about -- sorry that you have to share the one computer. That would be an issue over here! LOL I'm really excited for the show jumping as well. Also for the dressage. I was able to interview the team when i was at the trials in June and they were all so nice.

    2. I will! Im a native New Yorker myself- Hudson Valley.I am going to have to go to bed at like 8 am tonight to get up at 2:30 for jumping. And then somehow climb on my horse before it gets too hot!