Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, Happy Day! We Can Canter!


Heeeheeeheee.  Giggle.  Grin.  Smirk.  Snort. 

I'm so happy I can't contain it!  If you could see me now I would no doubt resemble Snoopy doing his famous happy dance (sans ears, of course).

After what feels like eons and millenia of rehabbing Sug's injury at the walk and then trot, the Sainted Mare has been cleared for cantering.  WHOOHOOO!

It did not matter that it was 90 degrees and sunny, with a slight hint of Bangkok, by 7AM.  We got to canter!

Mind you, we are only allowed to canter on the long sides of the arena, but heck, it's a start.  We do our 15 minutes of trot (umm, actually, it's actually more like three 5 minutes trot sets ) and then off we go, crazy cantering fools doing 5 minutes of long sides.

Sug is just as excited as I am.  Our canter departs are PROMPT, and usually accompanied by snorts, snaky head shakes and some halfhearted attempts to buck.  She BOUNDS down the long side, with me valliantly half halting and trying to keep her off her forehand.  She somewhat begrudgingly comes back to the trot on the short side, and I have to half halt the bejeezus out of her to stop her from LEAPING into the canter before we get to the long side.  Yep, someone's just as excited about cantering as I am.

Of course!  Cantering is FUN!  Trotting is boring.  Cantering means jumping will come soon. 

Yes, Sug.  Hopefully if things go well, jumping will come soon.

And I did not attempt to buck, half hearted or otherwise.  I was simply rounding my back. Had an attempt been made, there would be no doubts about it.  I did not indulge myself as you are still injured, and clearly not able to remain in the tack during a buck as athletic as mine.  If we are to jump soon, you cannot still be injured.

Thank you, Sug.  You're the bees knees. 

I am.  A reward would be appropriate, I think.  I notice there is a new peppermint jar on the grooming box. Some of those would be nice. 

You can tell Madame Mare is a bit more full of herself than usual. I'm happy about it, as it means she's feeling good. Off I go in search of peppermints!

Hope your trails are happy, and thanks for reading!


  1. Thrilled for you and the Queen too. Woohoo. WOOHOO indeed!!!

  2. Awesome! Glad you guys are headed in the right direction and Sug is recovering! :)

  3. Congrats on you return to the world of canter!

  4. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words, and for all your support. It really means a lot!