Thursday, February 9, 2012

Powerball Fantasies...

Damn.  I did not win the Powerball drawing last night.  Sigh.  I guess the silver lining here is that means the jackpot's even bigger for Saturday night's drawing, so fingers and toes are crossed.

What would I do with that kind of moolah, you ask?  Maybe not what you'd expect.

Certainly I'd quit my current job, but not to live the life of luxury.  I'd actually like to become a working student. 

No, I swear to you that I haven't been hitting the wine fridge.  If I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted and didn't have to bring home a paycheck, I'd like to apprentice myself to someone and spend my days learning how to become a true horse person.  It would have to be someone nearby, as I couldn't pull the kids out of school.  Although, since we are talking fantasies here, in the summer I'd like to be able to drag the family, the Sainted Mare and the pony, and --oh yeah, we'd need to get a horse for Noah -- go somewhere to work for/train with someone in Europe.  Think one of the Whitakers would take us on?It would be nice to either move closer to the barn or get a small farmette where we could keep the horses ourselves (not the husband's idea of fun,certainly) although the kids would squawk about leaving their friends. 

I'd also love to get a horsebox so I could drive to shows and clinics - to me they look a lot easier to drive than trailers.  I guess, since we're talking fantasy land here, we'd need a small one for local trips and then one of those gonzo people/horse Winnebagos with a bathroom/kitchen/humongo TV/hot tub (kidding) so we could chill in style when we go to away shows.

Since we tend to drop things, I'm not thinking we'll be breaking out the china and crystal in our luxury horse box. Post-show adult beverages will be served in plastic, as always. Also, the kids and the husband are slobs, so I'm thinking we'll need the Scotch guarded leather. We may be rich in this fantasy, but we remain practical.

There would, of course, have to be sizable donations to CANTER, Old Friends, and assorted equine rescues and charities.

Finally, I'd like to breed the Sainted Mare.  Since I could afford to keep her baby, I would not worry as much about contributing to the unwanted horse problem.  Who would be the perfect Sugar-Daddy for Sug?  Hmmm- is there any frozen Libero H lying around??  Numero Uno?  Lux Z?

Would we breed her (she's had 3 already) or get a surrogate as she is older now?  Aaaack --the mind positively reels with pink and blue foal fantasies.  Baby names, anyone?  If it's a girl, how about Sweetness?  Pays homage to Mama Sug and the great Chicago Bear running back Walter Payton. (I'm a big football fan, BTW.)

Probably a good thing there's no chance in Hades I'll be winning the Powerball on Saturday night.  I've clearly gone 'round the bend.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only fool who dreams about winning the lottery and spending most of it on horses....

  2. Oh, I wish you would have won. You adore that mare and I would love to see you get to keep her foal. :)
    I already picked out Pippi's babydaddy, you know for when I unexpectedly fall assbackwards into money (I call it my assbackwards plan). He is a Friesian, Othello, and I saw him at Equine Affaire last year. He was Zorro's horse in Fantasia. That would happen right after my new farm is constructed, with a heated indoor arena and a cute little cabin for me. I will buy you that little HorseBox when that happens. There, you have it in writing!!

  3. Emme, you slay me! I had to call my husband and share. I hope you don't mind, but we now have an assbackwards plan as well. That is the funniest thing I've ever heard! OK, deal. If I win the lottery, you get your Friesian baby daddy and your trailer from me. If you win, I get the horse box. If we both win, I vote we build our own little equestrian compound, think of it like Kennedy compound meets equine compound, where we can play horsie together with the kids and get all kinds of silly.

  4. Oh YES!!! You are on!! I am a bit concerned about your use of the word "compound" however, whenever that word is used on Tv it is a rarely a feel-good story. As in "the Bin Laden Compound" or the "Waco compound." LOL.

    Assbackward plans are the best. All they require and Big Fantasies and exceptional good luck! Any day now.......