Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And Now, A Fitness Message From Bob Goddard...

I'm in a cheeky mood today, flushed with success as this morning was the first morning in eons that I've been able to do a REAL workout (cardio, weights, and core.)  Between the back issues and bronchitis, working out and fitness have hit the back burner. In a word -- OUCH!  But in a good way. I say that now. No doubt tomorrow I'll be singing a different tune.

You can imagine how nice it was to find a post from one of my favorite blogging buddies that shows many of us are in the same boat, especially with respect to that annoying body part commonly called "the core."  Bob Goddard, author of Horse Crazy and blogger-in-residence on Bob the Equestrian, has graciously allowed me to re-post his recent reflections on the ever-import core and its importance to equestrians here on AWIP. 

Enjoy!  Thanks, Bob!

The Belly Wars
by Bob Goddard

Over the last ten months, I’ve discovered that an equestrian career involves much more than just showing up for lessons. Once you get on the main path, you begin to discover that the path is actually a complex network of trails involving your mind, body, checkbook and – if you will – soul.

Well, at least your “core”.

I’ve heard a lot about this “core”. How important it is. How a rider should use it. Why it should be strong.

I’m just not exactly sure what it is. I figure it’s gotta be something in the middle, right? Probably centering on your belly region and extending to the neighboring body parts.

I’m worried that I don’t have a core. That my core has been devoured by a Greedy Gut, having its own way and dominating the region like an overconfident hegemon. Years of bad habits and a reduced metabolic rate have created this Body Part Bully who blocks my progress down the Golden Path of Equestrian Glory. It mocks me. It dares me. When I stand up, it looks like it my toes grow out of it. There will be no photos in today’s post.

Well, if Greedy Gut wants a fight, its got one: Jenny signed us up for a class on Core Strengthening.

Actually, the Belly Wars have been going on for some time now. I dropped 20 pounds in the months prior to the start of my equestrian career last year. Then, in a powerful winter offensive, Greedy Gut regained half of its lost territory. And the jods sit folded in the front closet.

This is our counter-offensive. The class begins in June. That gives me two months to lose the 10 pounds I gained during the hibernation months. Then let the strengthening begin.

This is war.


  1. What is this core of which you speak? Do you mean the place where I store bourbon, bbq and cake????

    1. OMG, THANK YOU for that comment! That was hysterical -- totally spit out my drink when I read it. I love how you think -- bourbon (what brand? i'm partial to woodford reserve) bbq -- any particular brand of sauce, or do you make your own? And cake??? Totallya fan -- I make a chocolate one that's positively sinful.