Monday, April 2, 2012

Today's Oh Crap Moment...

A good friend sent this to me on FB, and I had to laugh (feeling somewhat guilty about that).  I work for a publication that serves the dairy food processing industry, so yeah, there's the whole "cows" thing. 

However, the real reason this made me giggle is because I could just picture this being Sugar with a thought bubble over her head saying, " Well, crap. I hate it when Mom makes me go for the long one."


  1. If Tucker's legs weren't as long as they are, I absolutely would have gotten him stuck like this at some point. As it is, I was once in a lesson and had such little impulsion that we came to a stop with our front feet on one side of a gate, our back feet on the other. Tucker rolled his eyes and looked at my trainer, as if to say, "A little help, please?"

  2. I like this gal's stoic attitude. Just another day work. Hope she got off there okay and was able to resume her normal duties. I remember when one of Jamie's horses got his legs stuck up in the manger of our horse trailer. He looked at me with these wide, accusing eyes as if I was the source of his problem. Idiot.