Saturday, April 7, 2012

See, I'm Not Crazy. This Mental Stuff is IMPORTANT, Especially for Amateurs!

As you may know, I've been working with a mental coach and trying  to deal with some fear issues I've had.

Working with Sommer Christie has really made a difference for me over the past couple of months.  She's helped by giving me tools to work with so I'm much less likely to go fetal when something goes wrong on course.

Mental performance coaching is not just for the elite level athlete (clearly, I am not an elite level athlete.)  Amateurs can definitely benefit from this kind of work.  In fact, I would argue we need it as much if not more than professional athletes do.  After all, they are more used to risk or competition nerves or distration than we are.

Horse Junkies United recently posted this fabulous interview/video of Guru/Canadian eventing Coach David O'Connor being interviewed by Stepahnie Rodes-Bosch.  The topic?  Getting ammie riders to the instinct level and improving their mental game.  (Click to read Part 1: How Winners Are Made.)

Check it out!


  1. Thanks for posting, I recently had a fall off my trusted mare, whilst my daughter looked on. Thankfully I'm fine, just a bunch of scrapes and bruises, but it scared the heck out of me and I am furious that I am letting fear interfer with my riding now. This might be something I can look into to help me progress.

    1. Hi Donna- Thanks for posting! I'm glad you're OK!

      And I hear you -- been there, done that, got the video -

      Here are some other mental performance/getting past the fear posts for you:

  2. PRICELESS ONCE AGAIN! It just gets better doesn't it? You make me smile!

    1. LOL! Gotta love that DOC! Happy to have made you smile again. You know that's my mission in life, right? Also, every time you comment your words are so nice you make me smile!