Friday, April 27, 2012

TGIF. Finally.

Oye.  It's Friday morning, my first day back in the office after a week out traveling on business, and I've got that post-travel hangover when 3 lattes just doesn't cut it. 

Thus, today's post will be simple.  At some point I will share with you some thoughts from my recent mental performance coaching session.  Just not today, as I doubt I can coax any type of mental performance from my fried brain.

So, Friday funnies it is!

I love this photo.  It's a fantastic shot, but also reminds me of the Sainted Mare's feeling about water.  She's not a fan.  At all.  We had a moment like this at the river near our first barn.  Involved a LOT of creative vocabulary on my part.

No discussion necessary for this one.  It's just cute as heck.

Same thing here.  I know it's not horsey, but still.  FUNNY!!!!

And this is the Sainted Mare's vote in the This Horse Should Be Sainted category.  She's had to save my butt often enough that she likes to recognize other equines who, through no fault of their own, are put in the position of having to extricate themselves and their riders from difficult situations.

DRUMROLL, PLEASE.  (And thanks to my friend Joanne Murphy, who shared this on Facebook.)


  1. I think you secretly want to be an eventer!

    1. Heck, that's no secret. LOL However, I barely have the cojones to get around a jumper course, AND there's the small fact that my mare will not go near water, so that pretty much eliminates us from eventer candidacy. :)

  2. That horse needs access to its weight in carrots on a regular basis. Wowser!

  3. That horse is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I have been watching the cross country portion of the Kentucky Rolex and those horses and riders are amazing!! I could NEVER do that!

  4. Its not exactly horse related, but I think it might give you a good laugh.

  5. Dang... I actually think I've seen that video before, or something very much like it, and all that comes to mind is, "WHY did that horse keep going???" Good grief, his pilot was sitting on his neck! This is rhetorical, I do know the answer: eventers LOVE their jobs. Every horse I've ever seen (though I've only ever been to two 4* events) going x-country was raring to go, locked and loaded on the fences. So I'm sure that was the case here. Smart horsie looked ahead and went, "Ok, I know we're supposed to jump that and Dad is in a bit of fix, so I'll just head that way." BOING! He rapped his poor legs fore and aft pretty hard on the first two as well, but even that didn't stop him. Definitely a Saint candidate!