Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Equestrian Hugh Jackman...

My daughter has a horse show tomorrow and as you know, that means a less than ideal alarm clock setting.  It also meant a last minute stop at Dover as the child is growing like a weed and we needed a show shirt and new gloves, STAT!

The hubby is not happy.  I get it, nobody enjoys spending money like it's going out of style.  Nobody likes getting up at o'dark hundred either, especially on a weekend. (Then again, maybe somebody shouldn't have stayed so late at Poker Night. Just saying...) 

So that gave me inspiration for more Equestrian Hugh Jackman.  Enjoy!  Lord knows I did!


  1. Good luck to your daughter at the horse show(:

    1. Thanks, M! I'll tell her you said so. Judging by your mom's posts you had fun at EA? Did you get Peter's book?

    2. Heck yes I got his book, and he signed it along with the co-aurther and got picture with him(: plus he remembered Pippi and I and when I'm healed wants me to look into doing a clinic with him. He said "wish you would have been in the clinic, I chose you from many videos." Grrrr stupid leg. He was super nice about the whole thing tho.

  2. Sigh... swoon... where can I get one of those!